TALKS February 2015 MEETUP


  • 19:00Registration
  • 19:30PHP development with Docker and Fig
    Ricardo Melo
  • 20:00Break
  • 20:20Scaling PHP on Azure
    Josh Holmes
  • 20:50Prize Raffle
    Sponsors prizes to give away


  • PHP development with Docker and FigEven if you don’t want to deploy your application as a Docker container, you still can use docker to ease your development process and make it more reliable.
    I’ll talk about Docker and Fig, what they are and how you can use it to setup and maintain your development environment, including multiple php versions.
  • Josh HolmesMicrosoft Azure is more than a simple scalable hosting option as it is truly a platform as a service offering. This allows you to focus on your application rather than the configuring and managing your infrastructure whether you are writing C# or VB.NET or even languages such as PHP or Ruby which are first class citizens in Microsoft Azure. Questions around why, when and how you should move to the cloud, especially if you are using PHP or Ruby, remain to be answered. Should I put everything in Windows Azure? Do you have to convert everything you have to ASP.NET? Do you have to write code specifically for Microsoft Azure? What if my current applications depend on MySQL and/or memcached?


Ricardo Melo
Ricardo Melo
Jordi Boggiano Composer/Monolog lead dev, Symfony contributor, building web apps at Nelmio.


  • A quick intro to PHP-FIG and the PSRsIntroduction to the existing PSR documents that the PHP-FIG released, and a short outlook at where we go from there.
  • REST APIs made easy with Symfony2REST is an architecture style for designing networked applications which has gained much traction lately, mainly due to its simplicity and for only requiring HTTP as the communication protocol.

    This talk will leverage the extensibility and configurability of Symfony2 to easily create a reusable and testable REST API in minutes. Watch as we cover some real world examples and fill the gap where the abstraction layer falls short in providing the implementation for specific requirements.

    We will dive into how data can be serialized & deserialized with little effort as possible whilst supporting different formats, namely JSON & XML. Authentication and Authorization will be visited in order to exemplify the security aspects of a real world API.

    Sam will talk about how to document the API without effort and have that documentation generated automatically for end user consumption. Also we will fiddle with a web sandbox for instant access to the API.



  • 19:15Welcome
    Say hello
  • 19:45Hello phplx
    Introduction to phplx
  • 19:55Composer — An Introduction
    Samuel Gordalina
  • 20:20Break
    Meet someone new
  • 20:45Introduction to Assetic
    Daniel Gomes
  • 21:10ORM for PHP
    Francisco Costa
  • 21:35Prize Raffle
    Sponsors prizes to give away, are you the winner?
  • 21:45Social
    Meet someone or discuss the talks with the speakers

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The schedule can haves changes, check back the day before the meetup. We are working to have some food and drinks at the event.